How Many Clients Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb? A Lawyer Strikes Back

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How Many Clients Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?  A Lawyer Strikes Back
by Giovanni Diviacchi This short book reveals the secret world of jokes that lawyers tell each other about their clients, and by doing so proclaims in response to lawyer-bashing and lawyer jokes that the profession also has a sense of humor. The difficulties of the attorney-client relationship and the legal system is shown to be not a one-sided hardship solely for clients but also for lawyers requiring that they also have a sense of humor both about their profession and about their relationships with their clients. It is a refreshing and humorous look at the practice of law from an attorneys perspective, the ones who are usually the butt of the jokes. This short book serves as an awakening of the sense of humor for the all-too-serious lawyer; and for the novice lawyer or law student about to embark on the real world of attorney-client relationships, it serves as a training guide by providing an insight into the personalities and irrational behavior that clients as humans unavoidably exhibit. Without breaching the secrecy of the attorney-client relationship, this book will lighten up any boring discussion on legal or career issues. It turns the tables on lawyer jokes and is a great stocking stuffer or gag gift for the lawyer or law student in the family while giving the profession some credit for dealing with difficult people. (2006, paperback, 38 pages)