HIS Mercy Saved Us

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HIS Mercy Saved Us

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HIS Mercy Saved Us
by Belinda Preston-Mosher

Over the years, author Belinda Preston-Mosher has journaled as a form of therapy. She tragically lost her first husband in a forklift accident. During the trials and testing in the year 2011, God was preparing her for that day. If it hadnt been for that hellacious year, she would not have been strong enough to get past this gut-wrenching experience. Belinda clings to Gods word as the truth.

Her hope is that her experience will empower others to dig in and fight spiritually. Through Gods mercy, we are saved.

About the Author:

God and Jesus are real. If she can overcome so much trauma, others can, too.Belinda Preston-Mosher has a husband, two children, and two grandbabies. She resides in West Columbia, Texas.

(2017, Paperback, 190 pages)

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