Hey Lil One: A Book to Honor Black Lives - eBook

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Hey Lil One: A Book to Honor Black Lives - eBook

Hey Lil One: A Book to Honor Black Lives

By: Jianna Brown


About the Book

Hey Lil One tells of the continued injustice within the Black community. Although children’s fiction, it is inspired by real situations surrounding the deaths of several Black men and women over the years. Jianna Brown's powerful message against police brutality, racism, and violence, comes through in insightful and child friendly terms. It addresses serious issues with our youth, as well as readers of any age. Her message is intended to help readers understand the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement. 


About the Author

Jianna Brown is an elementary school teacher in Las Vegas, NV. She taught 4th grade for three years and is currently teaching 2nd. Over the next few years, she plans on going back to school to pursue a career as a school librarian. She is passionate about literacy, and believes that it’s important that kids (especially minorities) have access to stories that they can connect to. As someone who has been affected by both gun violence and racism, she hopes that this book continues to shed light on systemic oppression and inequality within the Black community. This is the first book that she’s written, but she plans on writing more.


(2021, eBook)