Hank: An "Angel Dog"

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Hank: An "Angel Dog"
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Hank: An "Angel Dog"
by David O. Scheiding

It is true: God not only guides our lives (if we let Him), but also all of creations, including our dear pets. He has a plan for all of us here on earth. This is the tale of one very special dogs journey. Hank was such a friendly, intelligent, loveable, and loyal pet. He brought smiles and love to everyones faces. It must have been divine intervention when he was brought into the life of David O. Scheidings father-in-law after the passing of his wife. Hank comforted him when he needed him most, then also Davids family after Hank could no longer live with his master. Read this tear-jerking tale of this very special creature.

About the Author: David O. Scheding is a retired U.S.A.F. officer, fighter pilot, and Vietnam veteran who served his country for twenty-five years. He is also a Texas licensed professional engineer who founded and ran his own environmental consulting firm for eighteen years. He and his wife of fifty-two years, Jan, reside in San Antonio, Texas.

(2015, Paperback, 86 pages)