Halfmoon Ridge Dude Ranch

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Halfmoon Ridge Dude Ranch

Halfmoon Ridge Dude Ranch

By: Katina Blasingame


About the Book

Halfmoon Ridge Dude Ranch is a tale of when the one you love is right before your eyes and still can't see you. Not until making business changes to the ranch does the couple of the Halfmoon Ridge Dude Ranch really get to know one another. The family has seen them dancing around their romance for years and decides to subtly step in, allowing the couple to finally focus on what's important—true love.


About the Author

Katina Blasingame absolutely LOVES her husband, two children, two dogs, church, teaching elementary students, reading, writing, swimming, and being outdoors. The beach is her favorite getaway for relaxation. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Education, with a minor in Political Science; she also has her Teaching Credential with a Master’s in Education.


(2021, Paperback, 248 Pages)


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