Growing Up

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Growing Up
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Growing Up
by Steve Naumovski BSc

In the sleepy suburb of North Perth, Australia, Steve Naumovski BSc plays war, forges friendships, and learns the value of family ties. In his memoir titled Growing Up, Naumovski tells stories of his childhood on Burt Street and life as the son of Macedonian immigrants. As Naumovski comes of age, his ancestry plays an increasing role, providing him with identity and purpose.

About the Author: Steve Naumovski BSc is an engineer and scientist who lives in Western Australia. When he is not working and writing, Naumovski spends time inventing, reading, and working out. In his memoir titled Growing Up, Naumovski reaches out to young people who are growing up and adults who can relate with their own childhood experiences.

(2015, Paperback, 100 pages)