Grannie's World Record Collard Green

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Grannie's World Record Collard Green
by BJ Gibson Have you ever seen a collard green that stood over eighty inches tall? Better yet, have you ever realized that an entire world exists within the confines of the average garden? And do you know what a miracle God gives us every time a plant sprouts and begins to bear its particular kind of fruit? Such are the lessons one little girl discovers as she learns her grandmothers secrets of gardening and is invited into a small world of wonders under the leaves of Grannies World Record Collard Green. Using an entertaining tale, Mrs. Gibson subtly imparts the moral, You will never learn anything that you will not be able to use, no matter how small, a truism she says has served her well. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Sanford, Florida, Mrs. Gibson is the wife of Col. C.H. Gibson, a retired USAF Pilot, with whom she has raised three sons: Gregory, Michael, and C. Herman. The birth of her first granddaughter inspired this tale of learning and love through the wonders of the plant world. She continues to be an avid gardener and writer. (2004, paperback, 30 pages)