Grandy's Poems - eBook

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Grandy's Poems - eBook

Grandy’s Poems

By: Edward E. Williams

About the Book and Author

As much words of wisdom as poetry, Grandy’s Poems provides thoughts and appreciations to loved ones. Edward E. Williams is the only boy from a family of eight drafted into the Vietnam War. While he served in Vietnam, First Lt. Williams wrote his first poem “Christmas, Oh Christmas” from a bunker for his young wife and year old daughter. Since then, Williams has crafted and shared a poem for every occasion—Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary and more. Meticulously organized, the collection provides quick reference to the poem, or group of poems needed.

The heartfelt words of Grandy’s Poems draw from loving family experiences. The collection allows fleeting moments with a significant other, or memory of a vivid Hawaiian sunset to last in perpetuity. The poems add new flavors and nuances to Edward E. Williams’ experiences, allowing his family and readers to savor moments throughout these pages.


(2019, eBook)