Grammie's Bedtime Stories

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Grammie's Bedtime Stories
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Grammies Bedtime Stories
by Kathleen Fowler-Clark

Grammies Bedtime Stories is comprised of three short stories that Kathleen Fowler-Clark has told to her great-grandchildren at bedtime many times during their visits. Her great-grandchildren love the bedtime stories, and thus this book will appeal to children of ages three through eight. The stories are fanciful fairytales, meant to inspire courage and self-confidence when confronting frightening situations. Each story has its own unique happy ending in which these important life lessons are learned.

Fowler-Clark published this book for her grandchildren, Katie, Emily, and Rachel, as a remembrance of the time they spent together during the girls childhood. Her grandchildren are all grown now. Katie is married and finishing her graduate work for an RN nursing degree, Emily graduated and is a cosmetologist, and Rachel wants to be in the criminology field as an FBI or CSI agent.

About the Author:

Kathleen Fowler-Clark has a BA degree in early childhood education with an emphasis on speech pathology from California State University, Northridge, California. Most of her life has been spent working with small children at the elementary school level as a school secretary and in the music department where she spent 23 years in administration. Upon retirement, she opened a home business doing contract work while volunteering at the Oceanside Museum of Art. She also joined the Oceanside Republican Women Federated, where she served as Treasurer, Membership Chair, and currently Parliamentarian. She earned recognition from State Senator Wyland and State Senator Bates for her volunteer work there, and for the Veterans Association of North County (VANC), in Oceanside, California. This year, she was selected by the San Diego Philanthropic Society as Volunteer of the Year for her work as Grant Writer for VANC where her teamwork completed a $1.3 million Veterans Resource Center in Oceanside, California.

Fowler-Clark currently lives in Oceanside with her husband, William Clark. Their hobbies include golfing, sailing and recently oil painting.

Her daughter, Patricia Barclay, lives in Spring Creek, Nevada. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren live in Cedar Hills, Utah. The only living sibling of her large family is her brother, Charles Fowler, a former baseball pitcher for the New York Giants, who currently lives in Dallas, Texas. He is listed in the Texas Hall of Fame as a Pitcher for the Texas Rangers.

The members of her family are her staunchest supporters in all of her endeavors.

(2016, Hardcover, 56 pages)