From Russia with Tales and Confessions to Discovering America

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From Russia with Tales and Confessions to Discovering America

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From Russia with Tales and Confessions to Discovering America
by Leonid Heifets

From Russia with Tales and Confessions to Discovering America was written by Leonid Heifets; it is a memoir that documents his struggle with the Soviet system and profiles some of the colorful individuals who represented that society. The book presents a collage of stories about events from five Central Asian Republics, the Russian Far North, Siberia, the Caucasus Mountains, and Central Africa. They describe the spirit and political climate of the scientific institutions of the Soviet Union, including their involvement in the bacteriological warfare program. These insider views may shed some light on the image of the presumably mysterious Russian character and on Russia in general.

The final chapters of the book summarize Dr. Heifetss personal and professional experience in his adopted country and his unconventional perspective as a newcomer to life in the United States. While critical, these comments are filled with an optimistic spirit. Dr. Heifetss involvement in the tuberculosis problem, interactions with the former Russian weapon scientists and the State Department, and his travels back to Russia as an American scientist are detailed in this part of the book.

The book contains forty-five pages of illustrations, including nine drawings by Edward Tabachnik and one hundred forty-seven photographs from the authors collection.

About the Author

Leonid Heifets is professor and director of the Mycobacteriology (TB) Clinical Reference Laboratory at the National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, and professor of microbiology at the Colorado University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Heifets has been employed at National Jewish since his immigration to the U.S. in 1979. He has authored about two hundred scientific publications in the field of epidemiology and microbiology of infectious diseases. During his thirty years in the U.S., Heifets has focused on the microbiology of tuberculosis and became a recipient of the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung disease for his contribution to the control of tuberculosis.

About the Artist

Edward Tabachnik created the nine drawings for this book. Tabachnik has worked as an architect and artist for more than thirty years in Toronto, Canada. Before coming to Canada, he graduated from the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Academy of Art. Through his work in Canada, he became known as an initiator of a new art style called Romantic Expressionism. He has presented his paintings at many exhibitions in Russia, Israel, the United States, Canada, Holland, and Korea. In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the Order of Alexander the Great.

(2009, hardcover, 336 pages)