Fallen Angels of Paradise: A Devil's Curse

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Fallen Angels of Paradise: A Devil's Curse
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Fallen Angels of Paradise: A Devil's Curse
by T. Y.

The end of the struggle between good and evil remains inconclusive even today. As the war rages on, both sides strive to do everything and anything in order to be victorious.

Meanwhile, blessed withor doomed tobeing Halflings, six young people who simply do not fit in society discover who and what they areand embrace their fate of comprising the army who would embark on saving the world.

Fallen Angels of Paradise: A Devils Curse unravels the deepest secrets of the heavenly, an intriguing fiction based on mythical reinterpretation of age-old stories regarding the angelic realm.

About the Author

T.Y. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he also finished high school. Other than writing, he enjoys reading, history, and inventing.

(2013, Paperback, 38 pages)