Everyone is Asleep But Me

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Everyone is Asleep But Me

Everyone is Asleep But Me

By: Diana Yacobi and Lily Safrani

About the Book

Lion is sleeping. Ball is sleeping. Train is sleeping. But Sleepy Bear is not sleeping! Instead of sleeping in his own bed, he goes to spend the night with Mama and Papa.

                Inspired by the author’s daughter and grandson, Everyone is Asleep But Me is a gentle story that encourages young children to sleep in their own beds. Sleepy Bear learns about the importance of sleep – and how good it feels to sleep the whole night in his own bed.


About the Author

Diana Yacobi’s life has always been connected to children – as a Mother, Educational Director of synagogue schools, and as a Grandmother (Savti). She supports NACOEJ, an organization that helps immigrant Ethiopian children in Israel to ensure their success in the Israeli school system.

                Diana wrote a Hebrew reading curriculum, Read Hebrew Now, together with her daughter, Lily Safrani, which is used in synagogue schools, by homeschooling families, and by anyone who wants to learn to read and write Hebrew.



(2018, Paperback, 30 pages)

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