ESP And ESD Blue

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ESP And ESD Blue
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I was not what was typical of the police recruit of 1964. As a recently discharged veteran from the United States Army, I was a highly skilled radio technician with a government tech license. Further, I had no desire to become a police officer.

But James Vales did become a police officer. And he learned to love the diversity and challenges that his everyday police assignments brought. In the course of his career as a cop, he developed a familial bond toward his fellow officers, something that is common to members of the law enforcement community. And because of this connection to his brother officers, he wants them to take advantage of his gift of experience, as well as his gifts of extrasensory perception and extrasensory direction. In this book, he delves into the real-life cases that he successfully worked on, with the aid of his ESP and ESD.

About the Author

James Vales graduated from Military Tech School with highest honors, earned the Distinguished Shooter Qualification during his special weapons training at the Philadelphia Police Department. He also trained for detective criminal investigation. He was in the police force for more than thirty-one years; he retired as a sergeant from the Philadelphia Police DeparmentUS Postal Service.

(2014, Paperback, 86 pages)