Embracing Remarriage Stability and Satisfaction - eBook

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Embracing Remarriage Stability and Satisfaction - eBook

Embracing Remarriage Stability and Satisfaction
by Rev. Joseph Kabali, Ph.D.

Embracing Remarriage Stability and Satisfaction is a research-based way of making remarriage stable and satisfactory after experiencing divorce. Rev. Joseph Kabali, Ph.D. saw many young parents going through divorce, then remarrying for a short time but subsequently divorcing over and over again, while others stayed remarried but were not happy. He decided to create a more accessible and easy-to-read book, allowing many people to learn about the factors that influence remarriage stability and satisfaction. Included are research participants who shared their experiences and words of wisdom that could help others to establish stable and satisfactory remarriages. Readers will be able to identify and conceptualize the factors that influence remarriage stability and satisfaction, as well as the interconnectedness of those factors.

About the Author:

Rev. Joseph Kabali, Ph.D. was born and raised in Uganda (Africa). He is blessed by various multicultural, educational, pastoral, clinical, ecumenical, and international experiences. He received his Doctorate in Family psychology from Seton Hall University in New Jersey in 2008. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has taught as an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University. He enjoys interacting and working with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds. He is dedicated to consoling people and helping the poor. He enjoys books, ongoing education, and taking actions focused on integrative growth for individuals, couples, strengthening families and the community. He is interested in coordinating psycho-education workshops (e.g., pre-marital preparation, remarriage, and anger management). He is committed to working with people on various focused topics (e.g., healing from divorce, bereavement therapy, conflict resolution, forgiveness, reconciliation, spirituality, and the journey to heaven).

(2017, eBook)