Drugs and Other Dumb Things: Jimmy's Story

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Drugs and Other Dumb Things: Jimmy's Story
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Drugs and Other Dumb Things: Jimmys Story
by Lawrance Cutright, M.S.W.

Jimmy's Story follows a young family in trouble. Jim, the oldest child, has been going through a rough time at school and his cries for help have gone unnoticed by anyone except his younger sister. This story follows Jim's descent into substance abuse and street life along with his familys response to the crisis.

About the Author:

In his youth, Lawrance (Larry) Cutright, M.S.W. played in the minor leagues for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1959-1966, then taught English in a Detroit Michigan high school for thirty years. He holds a master degree in clinical social work. Many life experiences, like private counseling sessions, Alcoholics Anonymous, part-time work as a substance abuse therapist, as well as his internship for graduate school, influenced his writing about addictions, family, redemption, and forgiveness.

He hopes readers of this tale about an addicted teen will take away themes of love, support, and personal responsibility for one's actions.

(2015, Paperback, 40 pages)