DreamTrek - eBook

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DreamTrek - eBook


By: KB Schaller

About the Book

“A profoundly moving narrative… will remain in the head and heart long after the reader puts it down.”

-Dennis Moore, Associate Editor, East County Magazine, San Diego 

“A complex web of intrigue that’s suspenseful and deftly plotted.”

-Kirkus Reviews 

“Laced with danger… also hints of the sweet fragrance of redemption.”

-Merle Temple, author, A Ghostly Shade of Pale and other novels

Dina’s life is thrown into turmoil when the past comes back to haunt her. After believing for three years that her son was stillborn, strange events begin to hint that may not be the truth. Plagued by thoughts of what could be, Dina seeks to uncover the truth, putting everyone she loves, herself, and even her marriage in danger. 

In the final book of the Journey series, Dina attempts to discover what is a dream, what is a memory, and what is her reality, and she will have to ultimately decide what means the most to her—and what can be sacrificed. 

About the Author

KB Schaller has long cherished the beauty and power of the written word. Her first novel, Gray Rainbow Journey, was winner of a USA Book News-National Best Books Award. She is also author of the sequel, Journey by the Sackcloth Moon. DreamTrek: Journey Through the Night’s Door is third in the series. Her nonfiction title, 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World was Winner of an International Book-American Book Fest Award, Women’s Issues category. 

Schaller is a member of the Native American Journalists Association, Florida Authors and Publishers Association, Cassell Network of Writers, other professional writers groups, and attends a Native American Christian Church on the Florida Seminole Indian Reservation.  

Schaller resides in South Florida with her husband, James, her mother, Lilly, and the family cat, Tiger. 

(2017, eBook)

Book Review:

DreamTrek: Journey Through the Night's Door

Dreams do come true, but at what cost? Dina Youngblood is about to find out. DreamTrek: Journey Through the Night's Door, is a profoundly captivating read about a Native American woman journeying between two worlds and two cultures. Dina is a Christian convert, struggling between the beliefs of her native heritage and the Jesus Way, taught in the white man's world that sometimes; collided with Indian traditions passed on from generation to generation by the Elders.

Dina's personal and very real battles will consume the reader as she seeks answers to the gnawing questions 'why' her stillborn son she buried is calling to her, smiling and laughing like he was alive. These confused feelings of loss and joy were haunting her dreams at night and the choices she would make based on a sepia world deluded with pigmented images of A.J., no longer stillborn. What magic was this place? The turns and twists in DremTrek will not disappoint.

Not to be ignored, is an underlying love story filled with suspenseful innuendos that centers around a notebook filling pages with stories of the Journal People that Dina's great-grandmother, Mama Hat recorded to pass on to her great-granddaughter. Preserving family history, meant revealing secrets of the Journal People and who they were to Mama Hat. There was one story she must tell Dina, but only when she was ready to face her cursed bloodline, the women were 'runners.' It was just a story, but Mama Hat would prove her wrong.

Linda Lee King, Retired News Journalist,

Author, Non-Fiction, Sticks And Stones And Broken Bones: What A Charmed Life I Lead