Don't Quit Your Day Job - eBook

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Don't Quit Your Day Job - eBook

Don’t Quit Your Day Job
by Dave Beard

Don’t Quit Your Day Job chronicles Dave Beard’s attempts to create, from the ground up, an ultra-high efficiency automobile that would yield unheard of fuel economy (between 100-200 mpg), handle and brake like a race car, would be astonishingly safe in collisions with similarly constructed vehicles, and be mass producible.

The project was to be a soapbox for promoting ecological and humanitarian concerns as well as a condemnation of the political and manufacturing powers that had previously dictated what was available to the public as well as our responsibilities to the environment.

The tale chronicles the author’s various attempts at producing the experimental vehicles as well as details the many highly futuristic innovations born into these vehicles. The technologies and engineering involved in the designs is depicted in a very accurate, yet surprisingly simplistic way that will appeal to both engineer/techno freaks as well as a good percentage of the normal population. The journey includes creating the experimental bicycle that helped launch the composites revolution in bicycles as well as led the author to become the most ripped off designer in bicycle history.

Mostly, this is a sweeping look into the counterculture of people trying to create technologies and lifestyles that can help our species become good neighbors to each other and the rest of our world, and the seemingly insurmountable wall of fear, power, and ignorance we face.

About the Author:

Out of necessity to attempt to create his designs, Dave Beard has become a self-taught designer, engineer, drafter, solid modeler, prototyper, shaper, and mold maker. He lives in San Diego, California.

(2017, eBook)