Corky Hale UNCORKED!

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Corky Hale UNCORKED!

Corky Hale UNCORKED!

By: Jerry Leichtling & Arlene Sarner

About the Book

“Corky Hale is a rare American treasure, someone whose activism came of age during the Civil Rights movement and whose entertainment career has continued to surge since Hollywood’s Golden Age.”

                -Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles


“Corky has long been one of the most underrated artists on the entire music scene. She is a treat not to be missed”

                -Leonard Feather


“Corky is one of a kind. She’s a character with a heart of gold. Smart, empathetic, generous and supportive of her friends beyond the call.”

                -Sally Kellerman


“Talent, passion, commitment, joy; Corky combines them all like no one else.”

                -Jason Alexander


“Corky is the embodiment of passion and dedication. She’s always true to her values, and that takes courage.”

                -Nancy Keenan, former-President NARAL-Pro Choice America


“Corky Hale plays so beautifully that her performances set the standard”

                -Tony Bennett


“Corky Hale is one of the most uniquely energetic and extraordinary people I know.”

                -Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi


“We wanted to open a clinic in Los Angeles in 1999-2000. I knew I could count on Corky and she came through instantly. She’s one of a kind.”

                -Gloria Feldt, past National President of Planned Parenthood


“…she’s been more fun than anyone I’ve ever known. This long overdue book is wils, funny and outrageous – just like Corky.”

                -Dyan Cannon


(2018, Hardcover, 236 pages)

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