Collection of Poetry (by John Pinelli Jr.)

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Collection of Poetry (by John Pinelli Jr.)

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Collection of Poetry
by John Pinelli Jr.

John Pinelli Jr. introduces his original garden of poetry this way: My father had a large backyard with many trees and flowers. Thats where I wrote my poems about nature.The rest of my poems were written through my experiences and some of the things I learned about in life.


I'm sitting on the patio waiting for the dawn.

The trees will be beautiful up and down the lawn;

the flowers, too, will be a sight to see.

I'm waiting patiently for everything to come together for me.

As a poet you have to appreciate what I write

for the day begins for me while it's still night.

As I look at the sky it begins to light,

the birds begin to sing, and make the mood just right.

It's five o'clock in the morning and it's a beginning of a new day.

I lay down my pen for there's nothing left to say.

About the Author:

John Pinelli Jr. attended public schools in Princeton, New Jersey. Afterwards, he became a caregiver for elderly people and began to feel the urge to use his creative abilities. He blossomed into a poet and a songwriter, and has had a number of writings published in local newspapers. Moreover, Mr. Pinelli is an inventor and is involved in several business ventures.

(2016, Paperback, 40 pages)