Chester's Last Ride - eBook

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Chester's Last Ride - eBook

Chester’s Last Ride
by Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright has written a stirring adventure story in the best tradition of the western novel. It relates the difficult journey of Zeke Conley from Kentucky and his half-wolf dog, Big Ben, as they wander the frontiers for treasure and excitement. At last, Conley and his ever-faithful companion return home to help his family fight off swindlers and desperadoes. Here, there is rousing action enough to satisfy any reader, but it is in its depiction of the hardships and rewards of life in nature that Chester’s Last Ride rises to true inspiration as it conveys the feel of such details as the refuge of a campfire on a freezing night under the barren sky or the comradeship of a fellow’s horse and his big dog.

About the Author:

Nathan Wright lives and works in Kentucky. He has a twelve-year-old son and a ferocious cat named BB. Chester’s Last Ride is the third and final installment of his trilogy.

(2017, eBook)