Blooms, Beaches and Birds - eBook

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Blooms, Beaches and Birds - eBook

Blooms, Beaches and Birds

By: Lynn Maddock

About the Book

Lynn Maddock loves the beauty of nature. In Blooms, Beaches and Birds she captures the wonders we too often pass by without reflection. Detailed photographs reveal the subtle purples and reds of orchids and the flash of a yellow bird against flowers. Sweeping vistas of beaches show the play of shadows over the water.

Rich in color and texture, Blooms, Beaches and Birds is a lush celebration of the beauty and power of nature.


About the Author

Lynn Maddock has always been interested in different aspects of art – painting, drawing and calligraphy. Attending Parsons School of Design ignited her love for photography. She particularly loves photographing nature, which led to Blooms, Beaches and Birds.


(2018, eBook)