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Story and Art by: Joseph M. Bullocks Jr., Edited by: Markeitha Harris

That author has been inspired to make books since age five. Even though he is dyslexic, Bullocks hopes that non-dyslexic and dyslexic people can enjoy his book. He told his girlfriend the story of the book and she wrote it out. What he is hoping for is to change how dyslexic people feel about themselves.

About the Author:

Joseph M. Bullocks Jr. wants to make a dyslexic version of BloodEye, to make a difference for dyslexic people to read, like it is for the blind. To him, it is fair. He has talked to people who are like him. And he did not like the outcome on what they said about themselves. So he is trying to give them hope with this book.

Because he has been inspired by hope, from God and his mother, and he believes that no one with a disability should give up their dream, he feels that people like him need to be inspired by people like him. So he hopes and prays that everyone enjoys this book. Thats why hes been inspired and he is going to keep pushing for a better tomorrow. And he prays that God blesses him to open peoples eyes of the world.

(2016, Paperback, 40 pages)