Bermuda - eBook

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Bermuda - eBook


By: Lana Hebe

About the Book

Due to war that has ravaged the country, many children are forced to adapt and survive, becoming criminals. As a result, a new government initiative has been put in place, and Professor Rick Callahan is charged with the difficult task of re-educating many of these children in the hope that they will be redeemed and go on to live happy, meaningful lives. With the help of many outstanding professionals and the use of their high-tech facility on the island of Bermuda, Professor Callahan works tirelessly to bring new lives to these children—after all, everyone deserves a better chance in life.


About the Author

Lana Hebe enjoys reading and writing books. She believes that books give you the power to be wherever and whoever you want to be, an experience that nobody can take away. In her spare time, she also enjoys playing sports and running in marathons.


(2018, eBook)