Believe Me

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Believe Me

Believe Me

By: Trish Edwards

About the Book

The Bermuda Triangle: a sinister force of evil, sucking planes out of the skies and ships from the surface of the seas to a watery grave. Or… could it be that the Triangle is a benevolent force, even the ultimate savior of the human race?

Only one person knows the answer—newspaper correspondent Glen Henderson Grant-Wallace. On a routine assignment to check out a sighting of the Loch Ness monster, he is sucked into the Triangle where he learns the truth. Since the beginning of time, natural disasters – earthquakes, plagues, disease – have been engineered by Galympites, evil aliens who seek to stir up unrest among the nations.

Glen has been chosen by the Astrotars, aliens eager to help humans. The Astrotars are unable to rise to the earth’s surface from their base station at the Bermuda Triangle and they need Glen’s help – if they can win his trust. Abducted, Glen is drawn into an international battle over the fate of humanity and meets the mysterious Leanne…


About the Author

Trish Edwards resides in Scotland with her husband, Arthur. They have three children, several grandchildren, and a beloved Siberian Husky. They own and operate a sixteen-room hotel, restaurant, and malt whisky bar, which is located in the heart of Scotland’s world-famous Whisky Trail, along the picturesque River Spey.

A former ballroom dancer, Edwards is also an experienced chef and enjoys reading, cooking, writing, and traveling.


(2019, Paperback, 42 pages)

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