Before the Lion Became King

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Before the Lion Became King
by Andrew Nana Osei-Agyemang There once was a time when the entire animal kingdom lived in peace and all the animals lived and played in harmony together, as decreed by God. However, one day something unexpected happened, and the larger, stronger animals began pursuing the smaller, weaker animals as prey, considering them a food source. As the outcry against this atrocity became louder, a meeting was called and all residents of the animal kingdom came together to decide what to do except for Mr. Lion, whom they could not find. The new law dictating that all inhabitants of the kingdom would henceforth be vegetarians was passed by a narrow margin; however, a tragic accident happened soon afterwards that resulted in Mr. Lion begin unfairly accused of violating the law. Would the philosophy of an eye for an eye prevail, resulting in Mr. Lion losing his life as demanded by the other inhabitants of the animal kingdom? Or would justice triumph, allowing Mr. Lion to move his family to another kingdom where he would be considered king? ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Ghana, Andrew Nana Osei-Agyemang and his wife, Veronica Nana Konadu Agyemang, immigrated to the United States over twenty years ago with their children Frank, Prince, Jason, Yvonne, and Lauren. (2003, paperback, 36 pages)