Ava's Heart (PB)

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Ava's Heart (PB)

Ava's Heart

Book Two: Skeletons

By: Crystal Y Nichelson


About the Book

After experiencing years of abuse, sexual, mental, and physical, Ava thought the past was behind her. But the life-long effects are more serious than anyone could have imagined. After discovering and dealing with several alter egos, Ava must conquer her fears and take back control of her life. After deciding to face the abuse from her father and the neglect of her mother, Ava takes back control of her life.


About the Author

Crystal Y Nichelson decided to start writing in order to create an escape for herself, as well as others. She is the mother of two, a son and daughter. Nichelson went to school to become a writer but ended up getting her Bachelor’s degree in nursing.


(2020, Paperback, 108 Pages)


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