At Their Mercy

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At Their Mercy
by B. Murphy When Meg meets and marries Jim, it seems her twilight years are to be spent peacefully and happily. Unfortunately, everything changes when Jim dies and leaves Meg exposed to the not-so-tender mercies of his ex-girlfriend Camil. She sets out to turn Megs life upside-down and make her a prisoner to the very technology she uses every day. In an effort to combat her stalkers, Meg makes drastic changes to her life including relocating. When changing homes twice doesnt avail her of the peace she craves, she and her friend Pam decide to write an expos of the harassment she has endured and the apathy she encounters with the authorities to whom she reports the crimes. When Camil learns of Megs intentions, Camil escalates her attacks to include Megs unsuspecting family, but Megs determination to reveal Camil and her evil deeds to society will not be dissuaded. ABOUT THE AUTHOR B. Murphy, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a widow and mother of one son Jeffrey Newton. She is a retiree of General Electric Aircraft Engines division in Cincinnati and currently resides in Harrison, Ohio. (2005, paperback, 166 pages)