Aryana and the Moon Goddess

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Aryana and the Moon Goddess

Aryana and the Moon Goddess

By: Richard E. Buckner and Suelynn N. Parker

About the Book

Join us on a new adventure within a wondrous, frightening new world, where our hero, Hadiya, a strong, young warrior, finds herself embarking on what everyone believes to be an impossible quest to save a prince. Walk with her and her little companion, Elique, as she comes face-to-face with enemies unlike any others while attempting to overthrow a powerful tyrant – an evil goddess named Calista. Go with her on an adventure to overcome fear and discouragement and to meet new friends. Be there to support her as she slowly loses hope.


About the Author

Richard E. Buckner is a lifelong Mississippi resident. He is the father of three beautiful daughters, who he must introduce here. His eldest is co-author, Suelynn N. Parker, who resides in Rathdrum, Idaho. His middle daughter is Starlynn, and his youngest is Shaelynn. And, he had better not forget his grandson, Elan, a.k.a. Elique (pictured here), and his granddaughter, Evangelia.


Richard found his passion for writing later in life, while his daughter Suelynn found hers early. Over the course of many years, Richard found himself writing short stories and poetry, mostly for fun. Then, one day, his fingers started typing and did not stop. Though it was not the story you are about to read, it is what led up to it. When he created Aryana, he knew he had created an almost perfect tale for young readers.  What he needed to finish it off was a younger mind with a similar imagination, and who could have been better suited for this role than his own daughter, Sue? 



(2017, Paperback, 266 pages)

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    Storyline is excellent and on que for young readers adn teens.

    Posted by Tim Mcfarling on Jan 21st 2018

    Purchased for my daughter, she can't put it down.