Alabama Jus Tice

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Alabama Jus Tice

Alabama Jus Tice    

By: Billy R Fortner

About the Book

A subject was sentenced to life in prison for a bombing. The FBI “Mystery Memo” 1968 report of their 3 year and 3 month “intensive investigation” stated the investigation did not develop information on the subject as one of the perpetrators of the bombing.

The critical evidence used in 2001, the tapes, were 37 years old and inaudible, and then fabricated.

Did the subject receive a fair trial?


About the Author

Billy R Fortner received specialized university courses and had direct knowledge of some CIA operations, one military assignment being top secret. As a civilian, he performed internal revenue service investigations of difficult legal issues in cases.

After retirement, Fortner stumbled into an event that became his “white whale.”


(2019, Paperback, 126 pages)

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